Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

Did you know that transportation is responsible for 20% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions? It’s no wonder we are exploring other options besides petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. One of the top contenders is battery-powered electric vehicles, but is there another alternative worth considering? You might be surprised to learn that the concept of using hydrogen for transportation is not new. As far back as 2004, Perth conducted a three-year trial using three Mercedes-Benz hydrogen fuel-cell "Ecobuses". This trial was part of an international project called "CUTE" (Clean Urban Transport for Europe) and "ECTOS" (Ecological City Transport System), which also included other cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing, Hamburg, London, Luxemburg, Madrid, Oporto, Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Stuttgart. Perth Ecobus (Credit: DPI) So how do these hydrogen-powered vehicles work? Each Ecobus used two Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells developed by

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