Mining Exploration

  Earth materials are vital to our modern life but how do we find them? The exploration process is much more efficient with the aid of technology. Historical prospecting Before modern geology, people found resources such as coal in exposed rocks. An example of this is Awabakal people in the Newcastle area who used coal that was accessible from coastal cliffs. Geological exploration did not exist as a discipline. Resource finds were often a matter of good luck rather than scientific investigation. Gold is an example of a resource sometimes found in placer deposits. Weathering releases gold from rock and it is carried by gravity or water to a deposition point – often a bend in a stream. Gold can be recovered from stream deposits by panning or from dry sediments by yandying . Gold placer deposits near Bathurst, Ballarat and Bendigo triggered the goldrushes of the 1850s. Keen prospectors followed streams to discover the source of placer deposits. These deposits we re then mined ei

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