Waste in Australia

  Friday 5 March is Schools Clean Up Day and Sunday 7 March is Clean Up Australia Day 2021. In 2019 , more than 700 000 volunteers collectively spent more than 1.4 million hours cleaning up Australia at 7 798 registered sites. These dedicated citizens removed more than 17 million ute loads of rubbish from the environment. If people can pick up that much rubbish on one day, how much waste does Australia produce every year? What a waste! Most people think about waste in terms of their household waste. This is the waste we individually sort and manage, but it is only 17% of the national waste stream. In 2018-2019 (most recent data available), Australia produced 74.1 million tonnes (Mt) of waste – 2.94 tonnes per person. The composition of this waste is shown in the graph. Australia’s largest waste stream is from construction and demolition (C & D). Masonry makes up 22.7 Mt of C & D waste. (data from National Waste Report 2020 ) The staggering amount of waste shown in the

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