Net Zero

As world leaders meet in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, we hear a lot about net zero. What does this mean and how can we get to net zero in Australia? What is net zero? Net zero means that any carbon emitted into the atmosphere is equal to carbon removed from the atmosphere. Net zero is an equation where the answer is zero. This is also referred to as carbon neutral. When we have net zero carbon emissions, the climate can begin to stabilise. The world is on a journey to balance carbon emissions and achieve net zero. Carbon sources add carbon to the atmosphere Carbon is emitted by the burning of fossil fuels and biomass. This produces carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). The breakdown of waste in landfill and the digestion of sheep and cattle produces methane – another form of carbon in the atmosphere (CH 4 ). Carbon sinks remove carbon from the atmosphere Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants as they carry out photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide dissolves in the oce

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