Seed Bombs

Seed bombs sound scary but are really very helpful. They protect seeds and help them start growing in difficult locations. Seed bombs protect seeds and are easy to make at home. What is in a seed bomb? There are many variations on the humble seed bomb. The vital ingredients are clay, compost (or potting soil) and seeds. There are a few considerations for each of these: Clay – can be dry bentonite, natural clay soil, potters clay or air-drying clay. If using natural clay soil, beware of weed seeds that may already be present. If using dry clay, wet it with water and/or seaweed solution until you get a good consistency. Air-drying clay can be purchased at hardware and craft stores. Compost (or potting soil) – compost may have worms that should be removed before use. Compost also may contain seeds that could sprout before your desired seeds. Potting soil often contains bits of wood and large pieces that make mixing and rolling difficult. A commercial seed-raising soil should have fi

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